IPQualityScore Email Validator

Email Validation & Reputation Scoring

Deploy the IPQualityScore email validator on your sign up forms, lead capture, purchase or checkout, and similar user action points to verify deliverable addresses. Email validation ensures that your audience is actually a real person and their email address is active with the mail service provider. This helps you build trust with your audiences and reduces bounce rates and the cost of email marketing campaigns. click here

Our email verification tool utilizes advanced methods to verify emails such as analyzing the SMTP server corresponding to the MX records, special relationships with major mail service providers, and more. These unique email checker techniques are proven to provide more accurate results than comparable email validation services, and have been fine-tuned over the course of 10+ years of enhancing sender reputation for 3500+ clients.

Improving Email Deliverability with Precision: How IPQualityScore’s Email Validator Enhances Your Marketing Campaigns

In addition to traditional email validation, IPQS provides detailed email risk scoring using data directly from the global threat network. The email risk score is based on the history of fraud and abuse related to that email address, including catching disposable or temporary email services and more.

Our email reputation scoring also detects honeypot emails, which are stealthy traps that negatively impact inboxing rates and can cause the mail server to be blacklisted. It also estimates the quality of the user by identifying good behavior like purchases, account registrations, and more. This data can be used in your business logic to make better decisions about whether to accept, decline or report a specific email address.

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