Innovative Rehab Therapies

Innovative Rehab Therapies  global medicine is improving rehabilitation therapy methods. Innovative rehab therapies include new technology, treatment modalities and approaches that help patients regain strength, relearn skills and return to their lives with minimal pain or discomfort.

Physical and occupational therapies are two of the main forms of rehabilitation for patients recovering from medical conditions or injuries. While some treatments overlap, they both play a key role in helping patients recover their physical motor skills and improve their quality of life.

Breaking Boundaries: Exploring Innovative Rehab Therapies in the UK

Scott Anthony, PT, is a licensed therapist who works for INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation in Oklahoma City and rural locations. He is also the administrative director for outpatient rehab for the entire INTEGRIS system. In his role, he oversees all physical and occupational therapy operations across the state.

The INTEGRIS team focuses on treating each patient as a whole person. For example, if someone comes to a clinic with neck or knee pain, they are evaluated from head to toe for all contributing factors that may have led to their injuries.

In addition to innovative treatment approaches, the INTEGRIS team utilizes cutting-edge technology such as Normatec compression. The therapy consists of a sequence of pulsations that helps the body heal by increasing oxygen saturation in cells. The pulsations also reduce the nervous system’s “fight or flight” response. This allows the patient’s body to rest and repair damaged tissues. The results are improved muscle endurance and faster healing time.

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