Choosing Roof Insulation Sheets

Roof insulation sheets are a vital part of any building, contributing to the overall thermal protection and fire performance. They are also a crucial factor in meeting local building, energy and environmental standards. They provide cost-effective, long-lasting and effective insulation solutions to meet various needs.

Whether for new-build construction or for retrofitting, there are numerous options available in the market. Choosing the right type of insulation panels will depend on your project specifications and climate conditions, as different types of insulation offer different levels of thermal resistance and moisture management properties.

Understanding Roof Insulation Sheets: Installation Tips and Benefits

Rigid foam insulation such as polyurethane and XPS insulation boards are popular choices for flat and pitched roofs. Their high R-value boosts energy savings and helps minimise heat transfer in the building. The closed-cell structure of these insulations also prevents moisture penetration, preventing condensation and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Mineral wool insulation such as glass and rock wool are another option. They are less expensive than PIR and XPS, with their only drawback being that they have a weaker thermal performance.

Other options include metal roof insulation panels, which are a hybrid of thermal and structural elements. They comprise an insulated core sandwiched between two metal sheets for support and protection. These are a good choice for conservatories and other sunlit areas as they regulate temperature extremes, avoiding overheating during the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter. Fibreglass insulation is another option for roofs. It is durable and lightweight, with the ability to withstand varying weather conditions. It is recommended to use a vapour barrier with this material to prevent moisture from infiltrating the insulation and causing damage.

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