Check If Email is Valid

An invalid email address does not conform to the rules of the email service provider it’s on. When you send an email to an invalid address, you will receive a bounce message saying that the email cannot be delivered. The reason could be that the email is not formatted correctly or that the email address doesn’t exist in the email service’s servers.

Check If Email is Valid makes up a large percentage of your hard bounces, and they can damage your email deliverability. This means that less and less of your emails will reach their intended recipients, lowering engagement rates. Eventually, your emails may even get flagged as spam or put on block lists.

Validation Matters: Checking If an Email is Valid

Email validation involves a frontend and back-end process. The front is when your users sign up for a newsletter or provide their email addresses on your websites or applications. Invalid email addresses can be caught in this phase by using client-side validation tools like regular expressions or validation libraries, which check whether the email contains an @ symbol and belongs to a real email domain.

The backend is when the email verification processes take place, usually in the background. There are a variety of backend processes available to verify the validity of an email address, including using reverse DNS lookups, IP lookups, and other methods. These processes can be used to remove invalid and recycled email addresses from your mailing list, and they can also help you identify fake, disposable, and spoofed emails.

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