Snus – Swedish Smokeless Tobacco


Heysnus is a smokeless tobacco product that has been used in Sweden since 1866. It consists of ground and air-dried tobacco that is moistened with water or other liquids, mixed with flavoring and then packaged in tins or portions. Unlike chewing tobacco and other types of smokeless tobacco, Swedish snus is pasteurized, which significantly reduces the level of cancer-causing chemicals in the product. Snus does not contain any sugar, so it is considered to be a low-risk alternative to smoking.

Snus: A Sustainable Alternative to Smoking

While snus is a popular and effective substitute for cigarettes, it should not be considered a gateway to smoking. Studies of gateway effects show that snus use does not lead people to take up smoking, but instead may actually help to reduce their number of cigarettes. This fact is perhaps the most important reason that Sweden has some of the lowest rates of tobacco-related diseases in Europe.

Snus is very popular among Swedes and is also gaining popularity abroad as a healthy and easy way to quit smoking. Thousands of smokers have successfully given up smoking by switching to snus. It is also much healthier than cigarette smoking, as there is no fire and no risk of passive smoking.

Thousands of Swedish smokers have successfully switched to snus as a safer and more convenient alternative to cigarettes. A recent study in Harm Reduction Journal showed that snus has a very strong effect on nicotine withdrawal, and is especially effective for people who have been smoking for a long time.

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