Buy Magic Mushrooms & Shrooms Online Canada

Buy Magic Mushrooms & Shrooms Online Canada

More and more Canadians are embracing the “microdosing” of psilocybin, the psychoactive drug found in magic mushrooms. Taking a small quantity of the mushroom-derived substance can boost mood, but it also triggers visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations. It can also bring on feelings of anxiety and fear, muscle twitches, high blood pressure and heart rate. Learn more

While microdosing has become a regular part of many Canadians’ lives, the cultivation, sale and possession of psilocybin is illegal across the country. But that hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs like Vancouver man Dana Larsen from setting up an online store to sell psilocybin mushrooms and edibles. Larsen admits he’s breaking the law, but says he wants to do it in an open and transparent manner so the drug’s stigma can be defused.

Safety Tips for Using Organic Shrooms in Canada

As with any drug, psilocybin can be dangerous if taken in large doses or for extended periods of time. High doses can cause panic, anxiety and paranoia and lead to a psychedelic experience that is often described as terrifying or unpleasant. In addition, some people with underlying mental health issues may find their reactions to the drug are more intense than others.

But despite the burgeoning legal and illegal psilocybin markets, the federal government hasn’t stepped in to address the situation. Instead, the department of justice referred questions to Health Canada and provincial governments declined to comment on whether they plan to take any action against retailers who are selling the drugs to customers across the country.

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