UK PC Parts – Everything You Need to Know


Whether you are looking for a high-performance computer for gaming, home office or both UK PC Parts has the latest in IT hardware. There is a huge choice of core and secondary components from major brands like AMD, Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA and Team Group plus an extensive range of overclocked elite-tier parts approved by 8 Pack.

High-Performance Components for Gaming PCs in the UK

When you have decided on your new PC build the next step is to decide what cooling solution to choose – air-cooling bolstered with fans or water-cooling that can take your build to the ultimate level of custom loops and aesthetics. Keeping your rig cool is vital to ensure it runs smoothly and at peak performance, without overheating and burning out.

You will find all the essentials when you browse our wide selection of products including motherboards, processors and graphics cards, hard drives and RAMs. We also have an excellent selection of accessories such as power supplies, fans and storage devices to complement your system.

It is important to check out the returns policy and warranty information of any retailer you buy from. Many physical stores have experts sitting behind their tills who can answer questions and help you get the right component for your needs. Plus if there are any issues with your purchase they can usually sort it out there and then, rather than having to wait to send it back.

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