Which Parenting Style Rewards For Following Rules?

which parenting style rewards for following rules

which parenting style rewards for following rules vary widely, even within close-knit families. And the parenting style a family chooses has serious consequences for the kids that grow up in it.

For example, harsh discipline is often used by authoritative parents, who combine high parental demands with warmth and responsiveness in their child-rearing approach. These parents communicate openly, listen to their kids’ points of view, and provide reasoning for their decisions and expectations. They also teach kids to problem-solve and manage their own behavior.

Positive Discipline: A Guide to Rewarding Rule-Obedience in Parenting

Authoritative parents also understand and accept the natural consequences for their children’s actions. For example, if a child doesn’t study for a test, the authoritative parent would likely encourage the kid to do better next time by talking about the value of studying and offering tutoring help. They’d also remind the child that poor grades will have a negative impact on their future opportunities, and help them find solutions.

Another type of parenting style is permissive, in which the parent lets kids make most decisions on their own without interference. These passive parents set very few parental rules or boundaries, and they’re usually reluctant to enforce them. They may not have a clear idea of their kids’ needs or abilities, and they can be prone to avoid conflict and confrontation with their children. Kids raised by permissive parents have a harder time regulating their emotions and tend to be aggressive and rebellious, which can lead to problems in adulthood like drug abuse and delinquency.

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