Mega Patches For World of Warcraft

Mega Patches

Patches are items that modify the behavior or appearance of the game’s character, either in terms of aesthetics or functionality. They can be purchased or loaded into the game from the Download Chip and Patch Card screen. Download Chips are acquired only by completing events, while Patch Cards can be obtained from anywhere in the game world and can be used multiple times.Read

Clear, large adhesive patches that conceal and heal blemishes. These hydrocolloid patches absorb excess oil and extract impurities to help prevent breakouts and speed up healing. Contains Vitamin A to help prevent changes to sebaceous glands that lead to blemishes, and Glycolic Acid to brighten dark spots and prevent scarring. Directions: After cleansing, remove the sticker from its packaging and apply it to the skin with the tacky side down. Repeat application throughout the day as needed.

Beyond Embroidery: Mega Patches as a Canvas for Creativity

MEGA PATCH(tm) is a “cold patch” material and unlike all other cold patch products, when it dries it becomes a permanent part of the asphalt. It’s also less expensive than a hot mix patch and it can be made in any color of asphalt. MEGA PATCH(tm) will last much longer than a traditional cold patch and is resistant to water and UV rays.

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